Heptapiano / Winfried Ritsch

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Heptapiano / Winfried Ritsch

Realized at Atelier Algorythmics, Winfried Ritsch, 2011

Piece for seven robotic piano players, 27min in the series of “social machines” Seven pianos placed in a circle of 20 meter diameter, forming a heptagram, are networked and form a piano space of 314m². With the new series of robotic piano player “Rhea”, 88 fingers on each of the seven pianos forms together a mass of 616 possible parallel notes, which can be played by the Autopianoplayer, and controlled via Ethernet from a central mixing station. They play together a composition where out of more or less chaotic behavior, like waves, little phrases as melodies and accords come to life, organizing and synchronizing themselves over the pianos. So an organic corpus of sound is formed and transformed and can be mixed live from a main control station. Synchronization and increasing differences are computed within mutation algorithm in the algorithmic composition. All this is surrounded by an endless composition “Evolution 3”, where melodies drift over the piano like the where in a big 2D spatialization space.

Lentos, Auditorium 19:30: Winfried Ritsch (AT): Heptaklavier

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