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Documentation - Media

Fotos, Videos and Audio due to development, experiments and installations
tested in the night

Bell experimental construction 1

first versions of mechanical power flower bells


earth battery ready for tests

earth battery experiments 2

Using bigger pots and experimenting with clay membrans for more capacity


Networked Power Flower Bell (diploma Josef Schauer as pdf)

Energy Harvesting System for a Cybernetic Sound Installation - Diploma Thesis am Institut f. Elektrische Anlagen TU Graz presented by Josef Schauer. Done for Atelier Algorythmics


Poster at SMAC 2013 (pdf)

Poster of the power flower bell as energy harvesting autonomous cybernetic plant.


article at smac 2013 (pdf)

Article for the conference SMAC in Stockholm 2013 of the earth battery driven power flower bell.