Woodscratcher - Scratching Wood

A performance machine, which plays the sound of scratching wood. The machine is a manifestation of the 4 channel electro-acoustic composition with the repetitive scratching noise of the a rotating cutting iron in a wooden trunk slice spanned over the room. Like a mantra it is the base for listening process and also form of the piece.
Scratching Wood

electroacoustic piece for woodscratcher machine, slice of a trunk. Woodscratcher is a manifestion of a composition in form of a machine, cutting wood and using the sound of the cutting as well the whole procedure as a composition structure.

woodscratcher at concert at vienna woodscratcher at concert at vienna

On the 8.11.2012 a woodscratcher performance happend in the Echo-Raum in Vienna as promotion the new release of the woodscratcher picture disc.