Sound Dome - Klangdom

A geodesic dome with 20m diameter and about 10m high as an environmental landscape sculpture in Pischelsdorf should transmute into 3D a soundsphere. Therfore as special hardware and software, a low power solar power driven multichannel Ambisonics System will be developed and installed. This project is commissioned by Kunstinitiave K.U.L.M. in Pischelsdorf/Styria: "Geodätische Kuppel als Klang-Dom". (project in development - first collection of material, stay online)
AVE Workshop August 2012

Within a workshop Auditory Virtual Environments in the sound dome in Pischelsdorf was done and a first low power 2D-Ambisonics system installed. Therefore some thoughts and experiments where done from the workshop team: Winfried Ritsch, Matthias Kronlachner and Marian Weger.

"Eintönen" - "Soundin"

Performance zur Eröffnung des (Klang)Doms - performance for the opening of the (sound)dome - in Pischelsdorf 1.10.2011 19h

first presentation of the finished dome

with a first presentation also the acoustic behaviour of the sound dome could be explored. It hat a surprising heavy reverb, more a scattering and echoes. In the middle it sounds like amplified, on the sides on the opposites people can whisper with each others... lets see how speaker will behave

Dom construction finished, last element set Dom construction finished, last element set

After the last element was set in the dome, it will be opened at 1th October 2011, where as a starting point with the performance Eintönen, the acoustics will be explored artistically.

Auditory Virtual Environment (AVE) for the sound-dome Auditory Virtual Environment (AVE) for the sound-dome

Ambisonics has been selected as technology for the Implementation of the AVE needed for the "small worlds" (Kleine Welten) sound installation in the dome in Pischelsdorf (KULM). Some information about AVE and Ambisonics is collected here for a further understanding.

The Sound Dome System

The challenge is to engineer an 3-D Ambisonics system for extreme acoustics like the dome, with low cost parts and robustness to be an open space without supervision. A short description of the conception for the sound dome and some experiments are listed, which leads to the final implementation.