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some selected projects, workshops and artwork documentation are collected in this folder


Dokumentation und Material zum Projekt Autoklavierspieler



Documentation Archive

collection of old artwork and developments from Winfried Ritsch, just copied from acient homepage to be listed, it will be enhanced and processed and filled further... ... when times come ...


ex machina dei - brainstorm-mix

Ex Machina Dei

Robert Lepenik - Winfried Ritsch: concert for large rooms (e.g. churches), mechanical organ, grand piano, sinus tones and 2 robots commissioned by Musikprotokoll 2013 Graz --- Konzert für große Räume (wie Kirchen), mechanische Orgel, Klavier, Sinustöne und 2 Roboter, Autragswerk vom Musikprotokoll 2013 Graz



KünstlerInnen-Wohnung - Artists Home: Leitnergasse

Management and Documentation for Artists Home Leitnergasse



Klangbox - Soundbox

Autonomous, low power, long range, programmable outdoor speaker for sound installations in natural environments, powered by rechargeable battery, solar panel or other alternative energies. - Autnomer programmierbarer Niedrigenergie Lautsprecherbox für weiträumige Klanginstallationen im Innen- und Aussenraum, spezialisert für natürliche Umgebungen. Kann mit Akkumulatoren, Solarpanele und anderen alternativen Energien betrieben werden.


Sound Plates forms the metal space

Metal Space - Sound Plates

Excerp pf artworks with Soundplates and Computer, which has been realized and documented


First scetch of a powerflowerbell

Power Flower Network

"Power Flower Network" is an robotic artwork in the series of "social machines" and "robotic art" for autonomous systems done by Winfried Ritsch at `Atelier Algorythmics`. As destination art a meadow of robotic flowers with bells is placed in a garden.


Building up the dome

Sound Dome - Klangdom

A geodesic dome with 20m diameter and about 10m high as an environmental landscape sculpture in Pischelsdorf should transmute into 3D a soundsphere. Therfore as special hardware and software, a low power solar power driven multichannel Ambisonics System will be developed and installed. This project is commissioned by Kunstinitiave K.U.L.M. in Pischelsdorf/Styria: "Geodätische Kuppel als Klang-Dom". (project in development - first collection of material, stay online)


Top Layer of Escher

uALGO microcontrollers

Serie of microcontroller developed by Atelier Algorythmics since 1996 for robotic art productions, including algoPIC, escher and serveral interface boards like algoFET, escherFET, Amp8, Mic8, PoE++


woodscratcher at concert at vienna

Woodscratcher - Scratching Wood

A performance machine, which plays the sound of scratching wood. The machine is a manifestation of the 4 channel electro-acoustic composition with the repetitive scratching noise of the a rotating cutting iron in a wooden trunk slice spanned over the room. Like a mantra it is the base for listening process and also form of the piece.




Serie of "ARM" controlled computers developed by Atelier Algorythmics since 2013 for robotic art productions, including legendary KoCo series, ... and serveral interface boards for them.