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... which is part of "Atelier Leitnergasse", which is member of mur.at, which is located at Graz, the hated and beloved city I live in.

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The studio "Atelier Algorythmics" dedicated to the design and implementation of media art installation, especially automated sculptures, music and computer networking projects within and outside the Internet. This includes art direction, consulting, programming, construction, implementation and management for cultural institutions and artists.

Das Atelier Algorythmics widmet sich der Entwurf und Realisation von Medienkunstinstallation, speziell automatisierte Skulpturen, Computermusik und Netzwerkprojekten im und ausserhalb des Internets. Das beinhaltet künstlerische Leitung, Beratung, Programmierung, Bau, Realisation und Abwicklung für Kulturinstitutionen und Künstler. 

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Gesang der Orgel für Raumorgel als Konzertinstallation und mit Sängerin als Performances im Reaktor Wien

Die Raumorgel, eine Dekonstruktion einer Kirchenorgel: vernetzte Orgelpfeifen verteilt über drei hallige Räume im Reaktor Wien, werden in einer Konzertinstallation und mit Performances mit einer Sängerin gespielt. - The space organ, a deconstruction of a church organ: networked organ pipes distributed over three reverberant rooms in Reaktor Vienna, will be played in a concert installation and within performances with singer. "The Song of the organ"

Woodscratcher live at "EXPOZICE NOVÉ HUDBY" in Brno

The woodscratcher has performed live at the Klub Fléda in Brno, Czechia on the 6.3.2010. As an extension, the sound of the woodscratcher has been picked up by a computer and an algorithmic piece was performed out of the memory of the computermusic-machine using mutation and aging algorithms.

Heptapiano - piano space for 7 automatic piano players

At the Ars Electronica Festival 2011, in the freeroom of lentos, seven automatic piano players of the serie Rhea has been arranged in an 20m diameter circle and played like an ambisonics spatial piano space. The commissioned work by the ars electronica center Linz has used as a base the 32th trope of Josef Matthias Hauer "Und die Wellen umspielen uns" for self replicant mutation algorythms embedded in noise waves of piano tones.


Concept of an cybernetic sound installation with bell player: "Power Flower Network" as artwork in the series of "social machines" and "robotic art" for autonomous systems done by Winfried Ritsch at `Atelier Algorythmics`

Maschinenhalle #1 performance at semperdepot vienna november 2011

Another performance of Maschinenhalle #1, which has been developed as collective with Christine Gaigg / Philipp Harnoncourt / Bernhard Lang / Winfried Ritsch (A) took place at Semperdepot in Vienna within the festival "wien modern" 2011 and the FEEDBACK festival and Symposium of Tanzquartier vienna on 18.11.2011 and 19.11.2011

ex machina dei

Konzert für große Räume (wie Kirchen), robotisch gespielte mechanische Orgel, robotisch gespielter Flügel und Sinustöne über Tetraederlautsprecher - Concert for big rooms (e.g. Churches), robotic organ-player for mechanic organ, robotic piano-player for grand pianos, sinus-tones via tetrahedral-speaker. / "Ex Machina Dei" was commissioned by the Musikprotokoll 2013 Graz and performed first in the St.Andrae Church Graz.