poeple and contributions on the project

Since microcontrollers have been used in serveral art projects in former times since 1987, only the actual developments are documented here. The concept and idea making open hardware projects out of this was initiated by Winfried Ritsch in 2000.

2001-2002: algoPIC and algoFET V0

A first series of prototypes on hole matrix board (Lochrasterplatinen) has been done, following the prototyping development of the circuit on a breadboards, for the first player piano kantor by winfried ritsch.

2002-2003: algoPIC V1.0 and algoFET V1.0

circuits has been designed and soldered Michael Klamminger and enhanced by Peter Plessas.

2005: aloPIC and algoFET V2.0

Boards designed and soldered Michael Klamminger. Software Winfried Ritsch

Boards and software has been released as a sort of GPL, (if this works out for hardware) and now is .

2008: escher and escherFET

Boards have been designed for Atelier Algorythmics under supervision of Winfried Ritsch by Michael Klamminger and the first series of boards soldered by him. Software and tests are written Winfried Ritsch.

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