escher and escherFET as CC by NC-SA released

New generation of Algorythmics microcontroller boards using a microchip dsPIC motor control chip (or other) with an 10MBit Ethernet Interface. With its 72 I/O Pins, 16 PWMs, 16 ADCs and several other interfaces it is used for faster and robust robotic application like the Autoklavierspieler.

The microcontroller boards escher and escherFET has got a new project page and are released under CC by NC-SA



escher - Microchip dsPIC and Ethernet based board

  • low cost SMD board with flexible Interfaces
  • Ethernet Interface with microchip Ethernet controller ENC28J60
  • 80 Pin dsPIC 16-bit (data) modified Harvard RISC machine, PIN-compatible with a large range of PICs
  • first implementation with dsPIC33F128MC708
  • optional 3.3V and 5V power-supply with on board or external regulators
  • 2x18 I/Os on flexible 40Pin Connectors for external addon boards + 12 i/Os for communication on 16PIN connector
  • In Circuit Programming/Debugging (ICSP) on own port
  • Crystal and realtime RC-oscillator
  • 1 Power LED+ 4 I/O LEDs + LEDs on Ethernet for status and debugging
  • SD-Card Connector on SPI

escherFET - Power FET-Board

  • FET-driver (ZXGD3002E6 11ns,9Apeak) on board for fast switching applications
  • 16 N-Channel FET (RTR040N03 30V/4A,16A peak)
  • usage of ribbon cable connectors
  • Voltage regulator for FET-driver supply
  • 2 status LEDs
  • 2 boards connectable to one escher


escher and escherFET circuit and board has been designed under supervision of Winfried Ritsch by Michael Klamminger, who also soldered the first series of boards. The software was developed by Winfried Ritsch at the Atelier Algorythmics. Please feel free to join the team.