a short radmap of further development (obsolete)

This roadmap has been finalized and moved to new board Escher and is obsolete now (june 2008). Its here in any case someone will continue.

Since this depends on projects done by algorythmics and friends, its hard to specify. Instead I start with a TODO list and a Bug List.


  • release eagle files with proper license (GPL-Like for non commercial use, any hints ?)
  • release software examples with GPL license
  • Implement a forum or Wiki for friends
  • implement a bootloader for serial and MIDI-Board (if possible)
  • enhance board for newer parts
  • enhance FET-Boards Gate pullup supply, to weak for some types of FET.
  • software collection with user Commitments
  • describe some use cases
  • software for interfacing, eg. with Pure Data Examples ( )


  • cant remember one ;-)
  • no Licenses on hardware/software until now, should be GPL-Like


  • DIN-sockets on ALGOPIC are to narrow for some sockets
  • better behaviour on power up of FET-Board, remove initial glitch
  • better board design for more flexibility using FET-Board with individually FET outs