algoPIC and algoFET

Overview of Project


ALGOPIC - Microchip PIC based board

  • small and easy to build
  • serial (opt. max232) or MIDI Interface
  • 24 Ins or Outs + 5V Power supply
  • In Circuit Programming/Debugging (ISCP)
  • 40 PIN Microchip Controller MID-Range
  • Crystal or RC.

ALGOFET - Power FET-Board

  • TTL Buffer
  • general FET for different power supplies
  • optional 2 Stages of Output Voltage !
  • 6 Outs a board with 12 FETS



Boards V1.0 and V2.0 has been desgined under supervision of Winfried Ritsch by Michal Klamminger. Software development and descriptions by winfried ritsch

algoPIC and algoFET of copyright owner Winfried Ritsch

are licensed under GPL.


If you want license beyond this please contact winfried Ritsch  at