"Doit Yourself" - algo_dsPIC

Workshop program

In groups of 3-4 poeple robotic instruments based on algo_dsPIC and algo_fets should be build, programmed and performed.
You can take the part of the technician, musician or composer or all of them.

a) algo_dsPIC Microkontroller "Tool-Chains"

A tool-chain is a collection of computer-tools to realize an application, in this case from editor, compiler, bootloader to debugger.
The in-circuit programming will be used to work on running systems.

b) algo_dsPIC and Open Sound Control (OSC)

algo_dsPIC is a new open hardware developed by Atelier Algorhytmics, to build ethernet controlled instruments. OSC
is the protocol to control the hardware from host computer (linux preferred).

c) algo_FETs

algo_FETs is a driver board for solenoids and other power electronic devices, controlled by the algo_dsPIC.

d) sencoric

How to use sensors from accellerators, switches or other stuff and playing devices over the algo_dsPIC microcontroller.

e) Control

Control and read all devices over the Open Sound Control Protocoll using PD (Pure Data) as a controlling system.

f) hands on

Assembling all components to one instrument and getting it to work.

g) Improvisation and concert

for development: "release early and release often" -- for concerts: "Play often and perform early"

Hint: It would be good to bring with you a good understanding of computer controlled instruments and/or an
concept for robotic experimental music.