"Soundin" for the (sound) dome

Sounding is a performance for the opening, introduction of the dome in Pischelsdorf as a start for the implementation of the sound dome project.

Within sounding the dome will be fed with a impulse and the response recorded with an Ambisonics microphone and played back again over a directional tetrahedron loudspeaker, until the resonance frequencies of the room are played backed slightly shifting and feed with actual noises in the room. This is processed to an endless composition, where the first hours are played until the batteries are empty.

As a base the composition impulseresponse was used modified for 4-channel directionals system. The Ambisonics 1st order microphone is used in A-coding using each channel also to a tetrahedron speaker with similar direction of the microphone.


Setting in the dome, winfried ritsch sitting with experiment dish, Ambisonics microphone and tetrahedral speaker being recorded.

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