"I am playing in one netroom" performance at NetPlay

During the Netplay festival at IEM Graz, Sarc Belfast and HFMT Hamburg this piece was perfamed as an installation over network in the 3 cities. As a homage to Alvins Luciers "I am sitting in an room" the performance was an pioneer act for fully autonom performance for robotics Autoklavierspieler series "rheas"

"I am playing in one netroom" (IAPIONR) is a piece which explores the acoustics of the three places with automatic pianoplayer using a modified pricinple introduced by Alvin Lucier "I am sitting in a room" as a live performance.

This robotic network experiment with three autopianolplayer by winfried ritsch is a further piece from the series "social machines" [4] as an idea from the robotics workshop medienkunstlabor Kunsthaus graz [3] in 2009 implemented for NetCOMEDIA [2]

The idea from the robotics workshop at Medienkunstlabor Graz was exploring the networks with robots within an transcription of a traditional piece of electronic music of the 20th century and adapted for the NetCOMEDIA event November 2010 in Graz.

At the three location in Foyers, the piece was performed on 2 days over several hours. The graphical score is a schema for the system and instructions how to play as rules to perform. Maschinists are instructed to set up each place and connect the computers via internet, exchanging audio recorded at the rooms and also control video streams.

Within the performance the resonances of the three rooms where played on the piano on each site in variations, like recorded in the other place. People in the room and other noises are also dynamically modifying the played notes so a continuous composition is created.

The Maschinists at the performance was: IEM Graz: Marian Weger, SARC Belfast: Peter Innerhofer, HFMT Hamburg: Matthias Kronlacher

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[1]EU cultural project for networked art, see http://www.comedia.eu.org/
[2]artistic showcase within the COMEDIA project
[3]Closed down Medienkunstlabor at Kunsthaus Graz, see http://www.medienkunstlabor.at/
[4]A workshop within the COMEDIA project, see http://www.medienkunstlabor.at/projects/artistsinlab.1.html