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Software of microcontroller to control the solenoids and microcontroller
Overview of Software modules

Overview of Software modules

Autklavierspieler supports control live via OSC, MIDI in or serial and from files via MIDI files, qlist files. For algorithmic compositions PD-Patches direct loadable and as a special feature ADC2piano conversion via Audio in.


microcontroller software for Autoklavierspieler

firmware for the microcontrollers as mini OS, developped for algo PIC, Escher with is implemented in Mikrocontroller


Control Software in Puredata

With the autoklavier control software the Autopianoplayers are controlled via serial interfaces or the new one over Ethernet. They are mostly written in Pure Data


tools and utilities

some command line programms and other to preprocess MIDI files or generate data for the Autoklavierplayer control software. Also programmer and debugger interfaces for the microcontrollers.