First application for Escher and EscherFET

The origin motivation was the art project "Tabakhütte" as large scale musical instrument, where long control cables was needed and lots of solonoids has to be installed.
Tabakhütte Tabakhütte

Large wooden building, originally for drying tabaco, was transformed in a large scale instruments, like a huge 3D-cylophon, where modified piano hammers played the wood with solonoids driven by Escher and EscherFET. The hut is 40m long, 16m wide and 17m high.

Working on 240 hammers Working on 240 hammers

6 scrap pianos had been disassembled and the hammer mechanic modified to be mounted in the building by Gerhard, Inge and Mauritio.

Hammers on wooden planks Hammers on wooden planks

Wooden planks have been selected by sound and if you look carefully you will find some of hammers on the picture.