pieces & performances

information on some selected performances made with autoklavierspieler (to be filled with more)

Composition for one heptapiano with seven automatic piano players, commissioned by ars electronica festival 2011

"god" at Ars Electronica Center

At the exhibition in the Ars Electronica „What Machines Dream Of“, a permanent installation, the Autopianaplayer was installed as a main piece at the second floor. The opening has been on the 10.3.2011 where the piece "god" from Peter Ablinger, Thomas Musil and Winfried Ritsch ist shown.

Maschinenhalle #1

The opening performance on the styrian autumn 2010 with 12 Autopianoplayers "Rhea", 12 soundplates dancer in an network. The piece is developed as collective with Christine Gaigg / Philipp Harnoncourt / Bernhard Lang / Winfried Ritsch (A)

I am playing in one netroom

A robotic network experiment with three autopianolplayer as an homage to Alvin Lucier's "I am sitting in a room" by winfried ritsch from the series "social machines" (robotics workshop medienkunstlabor Kunsthaus graz 2009) implemented for NetCOMEDIA

Five Piano Metal Space

Composition for five automatic piano players, five Metalplates and computer, commissioned by Kulturpark Eisenstraße-Ötscherland 2011

seek truth from facts - Shanghai Biennale 2014

For the 10th Shanghai Biennale 2014 the work "seek truth from facts" was installed as a robotic piano player with screening. The principle to “seek truth from facts”, the main theme of a specially commissioned work by composer Peter Ablinger and installed by the artist Winfried Ritsch. This ancient Chinese principle was famously invoked by Mao Zedong in 1938, and then 40 years later in 1978, by Deng Xiaoping, as he prepared China for his policy of reform.