Overview of the project


escher 2.0 - Microchip dsPIC33EP and 100MBit/s Ethernet + PoE

rescheduled: end of June 2014

  • new genereation of dsPIC33EP with 60MIPS and USB-Host
  • 100MBit/s Ethernet ENC624J600 on parallel bus (full bandwidth)
  • Power over Ethernet for escher2 and additional up to 90W to modules
  • expansion modules and external hardware
  • PIC32 compatible layout (so also PIC32 can be used instead of dsPICs)
  • (Arduino compatible shield adapter possible)
  • Open Source realtime OS based on OSC control over Dataflow engines like Pure Data

amp8 - escher2 modul: 8 channel DA board with 8x25W (or 4x50W) class-D amplifiers

status: prototype working, docu in progress

  • (optional) 8 channels DA-Converter 24Bit/48kHZ (up to 192kHZ single) for CODEC port
  • (optional) 4 stereo/mono class-D Amplifier 2x25W or 1x50W: MAX9709 controlled by escher2
  • DC/DC power supply up to 200W, controlled by escher2, sourced by PoE of Escher
  • current sensors for mic8 board for closed loop control of speaker
  • example application: distributed low sound systems for Ambisonics

mic8 - escher2 modul 8 channel low noise Mic-Preamplifier, phantom-power

status: prototype module released see here

  • high quality symmetric low noise preamplifier for low noise microphones or other probes
  • optional Phantom power 1.5V-48V optional from PoE
  • example application: Closed loop for speaker and Amp8, Ambisonics Microphone

PoE - escher2 module 8 port PoE supply up to 92W per port controlled

Scheduled: prototype End of februar

  • up to 8 independent ports (in/out) controlled by PoE controller
  • meassurement of power supply and switching on/off by escher
  • external feed of power (e.g. from solar systems)

escher 1.0 - Microchip dsPIC33F and Ethernet based board

in production

  • low cost SMD board with flexible Interfaces
  • Ethernet Interface with microchip Ethernet controller ENC28J60
  • 80 Pin dsPIC 16-bit (data) modified Harvard RISC machine, PIN-compatible with a large range of PICs
  • first implementation with dsPIC33F128MC708
  • optional 3.3V and 5V power-supply with on board or external regulators
  • 2x28 I/Os on flexible 40Pin Connectors, 12 I/Os (UARTS,ECAN,I2C,SPI) for communication on 16PIN connector+ I2C Pins for SD-Card for external addon boards
  • In Circuit Programming/Debugging (ICSP)
  • Crystal and realtime RC-oscillator
  • 1 Power LED+ 4 I/O LEDs + LEDs on Ethernet for status and debugging
  • optional SD-Card Connector

escher FET16 - Power FET-Board

in production

  • FET-driver (ZXGD3002E6 11ns,9Apeak) on board for fast switching applications
  • 16 N-Channel FET (RTR040N03 30V/4A,16A peak)
  • usage of ribbon cable connectors
  • Voltage regulator for FET-driver supply
  • 2 status LEDs
  • 2 boards connectable to one escher


"escher 1.0" and "escher FET16" circuit and board has been designed under supervision of Winfried Ritsch by Michael Klamminger, who also soldered the first series of boards. The software was developed by Winfried Ritsch at the Atelier Algorythmics. Please feel free to join the team.

A second serie has been realized by Peter Innerhofer using the same board.

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