Maschinenhalle #1 performance at semperdepot vienna november 2011

Another performance of Maschinenhalle #1, which has been developed as collective with Christine Gaigg / Philipp Harnoncourt / Bernhard Lang / Winfried Ritsch (A) took place at Semperdepot in Vienna within the festival "wien modern" 2011 and the FEEDBACK festival and Symposium of Tanzquartier vienna on 18.11.2011 and 19.11.2011

This performance was a kind of club version of the one in the List Halle Graz, but the room perfectly fits the content, since machines dreams came up at the time where the semperdepot was build. The iron pillars was rasterizing the regular trapezoid of the room and the number of alcoves fitted perfectly to the 2 times 6 stations. Also the sound was much dryer than in Listhalle which made the performance more musical. In the following the announcement at Tanzquartier Vienna and References in the Internet:

Twelve dancers on twelve serially arranged stations, each consisting of a sound plate and an automatic piano, act in a feedbacks situation of movement and self-generating sounds. In this way music is created only indirectly: the steps on the sound plates are translated by computer and transmitted to the keys of the automatic piano, then played back and re-interpreted with human possibilities. The twelve units correspond with one another, sometimes solo, sometimes chorally, synchronously or contrapuntally – but always unpredictable in their sequence and spatial distribution. The choreographer Christine Gaigg, the composer Bernhard Lang, the computer musician Winfried Ritsch and the lighting designer and set designer Philipp Harnoncourt invent an interdisciplinary work of art, a meta-machine whose rules produce a visual piece of music, a kinaesthetic body of sound.

CONCEPT:Christine Gaigg, Bernhard Lang, Winfried Ritsch & Philipp Harnoncourt
CHOREOGRAPHY:Christine Gaigg
 Winfried Ritsch / Institut für Elektronische Musik und Akustik
SPACE & LIGHT:Philipp Harnoncourt
DANCE:Quim Bigas Bassart, Sara Canini, Ella Clarke, Alexander Deutinger, Christine Gaigg, Radek Hewelt, Milla Koistinen, Anna Majder, Asher O‘Gorman, Eva-Maria Schaller, Magi Serra Foraste, Veronika Zott
COSTUMES:Peter H. Schindler
LIGHT:Edith Offenhauser
MASCHINIST:Peter Innerhofer, Matthias Kronlachner, Marian Weger
ASSISTANCE:Iris Raffetseder
 art:phalanx / Eva Trötzmüller

Maschinenhalle #1 is a comissioned work by steirischer herbst 2010. The restaging is A COPRODUCTION of Tanzquartier Wien and 2nd Nature IN KOOPERATION with Wien Modern.2nd Nature supported by Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien.


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