Woodscratcher live at "EXPOZICE NOVÉ HUDBY" in Brno

The woodscratcher has performed live at the Klub Fléda in Brno, Czechia on the 6.3.2010. As an extension, the sound of the woodscratcher has been picked up by a computer and an algorithmic piece was performed out of the memory of the computermusic-machine using mutation and aging algorithms.

At the festival for new music "EXPOZICE NOVÉ HUDBY" (Exposition of new music), a very traditional festival in Czechia, the woodscratcher was performed within the theme "Das Mechanische?!" ("the mechanics ?!"). With this performance the woodscratcher acts as an composition machine as well as a generator of noise, pretending to extract and play the information which resides in the piece of wood cutting it in an excessive performance; the machine produces music in a way human doesn't, so its music also for machines/from machines. The repetition in the cutting process is also part of the music as the fight of the materials Steel on wood, causing vibrations which are picked up in four channels distribution and amplified over 4 speakers in the room.

A new aspect on this performance was a second machine, a computer, listening to the performance and picking out some sounds and process them in a three stage memory machine. After the woodscratcher performance, the computers was trying to make even more musical aspects out of a previous performance in interpreting them and joining them togehter to a new piece, also aging the sounds so they change over the play back. So the computer as a machine interprets machine music, the most pure form of computer music. So human recipients maybe imaging: Can a computer have dreams and synthesis of modified memories how this is proposed by the piece, they can recipe it this way, or just don't believe it...

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