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... which is part of "Atelier Leitnergasse", which is member of mur.at, which is located at Graz, the hated and beloved city I live in.

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The studio "Atelier Algorythmics" dedicated to the design and implementation of media art installation, especially automated sculptures, music and computer networking projects within and outside the Internet. This includes art direction, consulting, programming, construction, implementation and management for cultural institutions and artists.

Das Atelier Algorythmics widmet sich der Entwurf und Realisation von Medienkunstinstallation, speziell automatisierte Skulpturen, Computermusik und Netzwerkprojekten im und ausserhalb des Internets. Das beinhaltet künstlerische Leitung, Beratung, Programmierung, Bau, Realisation und Abwicklung für Kulturinstitutionen und Künstler. 

QR Code Algorythmics URL short mission: electrifice, algofice and musicifice 

ICE - Ensemble first public concert

The IEM Computermusic Ensemble is playing an Ambisonics sound systems with gestural controllers. First public concert has been at porgy and bess vienna on 9.9.2011, playing "fields", a series of composition dealing with field recordings.

Klangboxen augarten dezember 2010

Six Klangboxen has been installed in the Augarten for the installation desde aqui "puro chagüite" mit Rhizom, und Consuelo Mora Benard und Roberto Guillen from 15. - 27.12.2010, come and here

"I am playing in one netroom" performance at NetPlay

During the Netplay festival at IEM Graz, Sarc Belfast and HFMT Hamburg this piece was perfamed as an installation over network in the 3 cities. As a homage to Alvins Luciers "I am sitting in an room" the performance was an pioneer act for fully autonom performance for robotics Autoklavierspieler series "rheas"

escher and escherFET as CC by NC-SA released

New generation of Algorythmics microcontroller boards using a microchip dsPIC motor control chip (or other) with an 10MBit Ethernet Interface. With its 72 I/O Pins, 16 PWMs, 16 ADCs and several other interfaces it is used for faster and robust robotic application like the Autoklavierspieler.